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"The vision of The Oubliette Arthouse should be applauded" South London Press, June 2009
"One of the more exciting things to happen in London since the 70s'." Kybor Carlsen
"London is probably the key inspiration for boy & schwester and a project like The Oubliette Arthouse is a prime example of why living here is so inspiring." Boy und Schwester
"Finding new common spaces for reclaiming the gap that separates the Excluded from the Included demands a number of creative solutions and strategies and perhaps an organization such as The Oubliette should be understood with these pressing imperatives in mind." Alexander Vasudevan
"The meeting place for a lot of prominent figures of artistic avant-garde... The Oubliette is a breeding ground for creativity - it garners and generates ideas." Viviana Miliaressi, OZON Issue 72, October 2009


APRIL 2009 - FEBRUARY 2011

Goodbye, and thanks for all the empty buildings.